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:star:Full Name:
VinAed  MacLugh

:star:Meaning of their full name:
Conqueror of fire   Son of Lugh/ The Successor of Lugh

:star:Pronunciation of their name:

:star:What does the character think of their name?
He's a ShoHeen. He dislikes it his name completely. He would be often pestered about his name because it's of primal bloodlines and many modern Mobians detest any form primals, in name, culture or appearance. Because modern Mobians are racist. But his last name is perfectly fine because none the modern Mobians know who Lugh is, and if he remembers correctly though extremely faintly, his father was part primal.

:star:Why did their parents name them this?:
So that he may become absorbed in Primal culture; they had plans for him.

:star:Why did you, their creator name them this?:
I threw some names I thought of at first. His name was to become Vincent but that was too much of a modern name, so I cut down to Vin. And the name Aed is the word for fire, pronounced as E/EE and for some reason the Celtic god of the sun, Lugh was there. I thought about it more and added the Scottish Highland surname Mac "son of", but not the other version of Mc "son" that I planned of using at first. Also, trivia: the "O'" (of) surname is almost strictly Irish and is Mc/Mac entirely Scottish although there are many folks whose origins are not from either places and has the prefix to their surname.

Der Maor/The Warden)

:star:Do they enjoy these/this nickname(s)?:
Yes. He prefers to go by his nicknames.

:star:History behind nickname(s):
Amira Corn was the first to have came up with the pet name ViniVee when they first met as young children. When he introduced himself as Vin-Aed it sounded like "Vinee" later as teenagers she cut it down to Vee. So to prevent any awkward jibs about his primal name, he then introduces himself as Vee and if he were to scribe his name it would be, ViniVee. But he has no legal documents, so it's all a jest for him to be legally nonexistent making him highly elusive to people trying to search for him.
Feral calls him "Shoheen/Sho Heen", is like a derogatory term as traitor; or a person disrespectful of their own heritage or pretending to be native elsewhere and disregarding their old ways
And BlackPaw is a spoiler alert.


:star:Reason for alias:
This is the shit I came up with when I was listening to the radio, and I was all, you know like 7 when I decided to name him but couldn't think of anything. Then that damn song came out a few years later, ever hear of "Vicinity of Obscenity"? Yeeeeah lol gods that was ages ago wasn't it? XD I brought it back as his Guild alias.


Part Primal (extinit thylacine)and Primal-Modern African pygmy-four toed hedgehog

Sonic Universe, planet Mobius

:star:Share about this realm(What's considered normal/average/within sanity for this realm/verse):
Walking talking animals, space ships, aliens, cloning, powers, killer robots, dragons,  four finger humans called Overlanders, hybrids that make no sense because cat chromosomes don't add up with a fox's chromosomes and shouldn't be able to reproduce. Got to biology class kids and pay attention. Wtf but hey, its fun. And they all talk. That's cool.

His stripes fade with age.

:star:How old they appear:
as they appear.

:star:Mental age:
Higher but mental age and intelligence is two different things for me.

Short as 3'1'' not taller than 3'3''. The primal part makes him shorter than the modern Mobians but he is taller than most of the other common primals.

:star:Are they overweight/underweight?:
Underweight, but considered healty.

:star:If so, why?:
Gotta be them midget/primal genes.

:star:What color is their blood?:
Dark red, as the LZ tainted blood, under stress the blood goes molten and fiery.

:star:Defining physical characteristics/general appearance:
Very short, primal appearance, unkempt quills,  glowing eyes, buckteeth, dull fur, claws, four toes, short stature, large ears with cuts, and scars.

:star:Eye color(s):
Gold-yellow glow

:star:Is this eye color uncommon?:
Not at all, actually it is quite common although like I said before, they do glow and have a trail which is not common.

:star:Are their eyes good?:
wonderful night-vision and eyesight.

:star:Ear shape:
Large, furry; pointy.

:star:Hearing fair?:
Quite fine, thank you.
He can hear very well, surprisingly well too. But it's all selective hearing.

:star:Skin/fur color(s):
Dark-Grey/Dark-Red, Light-Grey, tan, black dark-green and gold.

dark and dull.

A small slit on his lower lip but you have to get up very close to see it, side of the neck almost to the other side caused by interrupted mid throat slicing, under his left arm, his right bicep and a scar on his abdomen and a twin scar to that on his lower back.

:star:How did they get these scars?:
Fighting/for his life with Sable and 4 Finger Jack.

three 'hash' marks under each of his eyes on his cheeks.


:star:Additional body mods:
scarification on his left inner-calf of Othila.

:star:Reasons behind the mods:
The rune 'haunts' him and has ties to his past and future. Kinda like what happened to Jim Carry in '23' only it's not a bad omen and evil and he loses his mind. lol
It's one of the main runes of the guild is the same rune. Feral's tribe's crest has the symbol binded with others. The only brand of mead he will drink that works on him has the also has the rune binded with others on the label.
This rune's symbolism does indicate some gain through inheritance or perhaps even through birthright and a need to develop suppressed ability, laziness results in lost chances and to grasp his responsibilities that he often tries to escape from and the lack of planning ahead or poor preparation may lead to problems, which Vee gets into a lot because his personality trait is "to wing it" and it warns to be on your guard but always act fairly; the opportunities exist to achieve great wealth for those who act with honor, bitches.
All of it makes sense if you have the ability to see into Dull Life's future. Which only I  got.

:star:Describe their smile:
Buck teeth, dark colored tongue, missing teeth, and fangs. Mischievous.

:star:Do they take care of their teeth?:
He does when they aren't getting punched out of his face.

:star:Describe an outfit they would wear:
If he were to wear anything it would be in dull colors? Um, pants and a shirt? Lol

:star:What they do wear:
Ripped up shorts with rope belt.

:star:Mental state:
Defined, mental health as "a state of well-being in which the individual realizes their own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to their community."
Well… Vee tries to avoid all stress in his life but finds it anyways and responsibility and doesn't have a community to contribute to and is not often acknowledged by society. He isn't aware if he has any mental illness or physical illness either for that matter because he never visited a doctor before and his whole life has been only him relying on himself then others. But we are views can probably pick up on some text book examples of some disorders he shows. His ego and pride often blind his decisions.

:star:Mental stability (relative to disorders):
Disorders went unchecked in his life and now he's a dependent on mead.

:star:Has their upbringing had an effect on their emotions?:
He's less empathic towards strangers in need, although he is sociable, been known to help out someone in danger and will talk to anyone and play his fiddle for anyone but he doesn't have to like you.

:star:Personality snapshot:
dirtbag, individualistic, curious, talkative, conniving, distrustful, wary, secret romantic, coward (he calls it survivalism).

:star:Most prominent personality trait:
Talkative, curious, and individualistic.

:star:Best traits of their personality:
secret romantic, curious, talkative and social

:star:Worst traits of their personality:
Talkative, dirtbag, coward/survivalist, conniving, wary and distrustful.

:star:What caused this kind of personality to form?(based upon upbringing/social whatnot):
Upbringing and personal ethics. Many of the positive have been based on his childhood and several negative are based on his older years where he didn't trust too many people because of betrayals and whatnots.

:star:Would you say their personality was influenced by their caretakers/guardians?:
Yes it could have. Richard was a business man and didn't have time to raise a child and treated him like an adult.

:star:If so, who influenced their personality the most and how?:
Richard McGrimes, his caretaker/father figure.

:star:Does that character like or dislike their caretaker's personality?:
Richard was usually vulgar, brave, stubborn, generous but everyone respected him too much to try and take advantage on him, independent, As he was raising Vee he was  strict at times but gave Vee plenty of room, but understanding , and he encouraged Vee to use his imagination, cleverness and to become a jack of all trades.

:star:Prized possession given to them:
Richard gave Vee his fiddle when he turned 16.

:star:Do they have a healthy self-image (How they view themselves)?:
Vee thinks he's the best thing ever to walk the planet but he does know his limits.

:star:If so, what gives them the drive to maintain it?:
Someone's got to keep being this cool up to date.

:star:First impression usually given:
Situation one:  what a freaking douchebag
Situation two:  He's a drunken hobo
Situation three: where's my money…?
He will try to talk you into anything, but will most likely talk himself into it instead.

:star:Are they logical thinkers?:
At times. Ironically he thinks clearly after a few mugs of mead.

:star:Right brain/left brained?:
Right-brain thinker

:star:Current faith(religion):
Polytheism is the main type of religion for Primals and some part-primals. To Modern Mobians, they are often seen as pagan gods to others and are foolish

:star:Are they strong in it?:
Somewhat, and usually secluded and alone.

:star:Do they actively practice it?:
His worship just extends to the occasional toast to the gods, and tribute only during summer solstice. Which is usually a huge fire that lasts for a week.

:star:Why did they choose this faith?:
the main culture he was subjected to as a child.

:star:If they didn't choose it, were they forced into it?:
Not really forced into as he was somewhat raised and born into it, and he met several of the creatures he was warned about as a child that were meant to be only 'folk tales'.

:star:What superstitions do they have?:
Many. He takes symbols of his dreams very seriously no matter the situation.
Vee carries an acorn in his pocket. He thinks butterflies are good luck but only in threes and are very delicious. He will not pick up a coin if it is heads down. Groups of three are very significant to him. He also thinks if you catch a falling leaf on the first day of autumn you will not catch a cold all winter. He's afraid to go near an abandoned hair comb or the banshees will get him.

:star:If not superstitions, what myths to they tend to cling to as truth?:
Vee also believes in few myths, many of which take place in real places and many have turned up to be very, very true.

:star:Reasons why they have these odd beliefs:
As a child Richard told him tons of myths, legends and folks stories that influence him to this day.

:star:Outlook on life:
He doesn't really regret too much, but he has some skeletons he cannot get rid of.

Often a bystander or neutral, but he has been considered 'evil' by few people and seeing him is considered unlucky for you or you will become poor soon.

:star:Does the character know the outcome of this choice?:
He doesn't pay much attention to it.

:star:Do they believe this is right?:
He believe to let things be their way.

:star:If they don't believe it's correct, why do they stay on it?:
He's too much of a coward to do otherwise.

:star:Personal quote and(or) motto:
My mom's god is a woman and my mom she is a witch. I like this. My hell comes from inside comes from inside myself. Why fight this?

:star:Reasons behind this motto/quote:
Primal backgrounds. He hates it but there's nothing he can do about it anymore.

:star:Marital status(Single, married, dating, etc.):
Very much single, though trying to court Feral.

:star:Had any relationships with anyone before?
Past relationship with Cloud9 of the Blue Moon Assassins Guild

:star:What kind of romantic are they?(easily love-struck, tough nut, etc.):
Secret romantic, and a tough nut, but love-struck the instant he met Feral.

:star:Are they picky when it comes to romance searching?:
Very much, but he hasn't had a chance to do any dating for some time.

:star:How do they respond and/or react in times of...(and why they do what they do)
(im just going to go with physical detail here)
Content, usually with a smirk.
wide eyes and ears alert with a toothy grin.
alert, fur raised and body tensed up with wide eyes.
low ears, ears low narrowed eyes, and high eyebrow
raised fur, bared teeth, ears back and body usually bent
sulking appearance, low ears, wide, alert eyes, and  raised fur
:star:-Not knowing the outcome of some situation:
Alert ears or low depending on how the situation started as, tense body, narrowed eyes and is sometimes bent.

:star:Where they're from:
Planet Mobius, Merica, and town: Sissel. Originally he's from the trees, but he was too young to remember where.

:star:Current residence:
Rover, has no residence.

:star:Do they live at their current residence by will?:
The fact he doesn't have a current residence is by will and one part forced because he's been on a wanted list since his young adult life.

:star:Backstory time. Tell about some major events that happened within these ages...

:star:Early childhood (3 - 5):
VinAed's parents were around for a short while in his life. He was born too earily and could've died. How they saved him is unknown. They had noticed he was usually quiet for a toddler and that worried them. He could remember them often telling him to stop trying to eat everything. VinAed also remembers robots shooting and blowing shit up and the scent of evergreens as he ran for his life. He blocked out some of these memories. Robots and robotic parts make him wary still to this day.
He remembers taking shelter in a corn field, Amira Corn's family's fields. She finds him one morning tearing down one of the stalks for a cob. She beats him up, but then quickly makes friends with him. He starts to go by the name of Vee. She starts to sneak him food, blankets and clothing.

:star:Childhood (6 - 9):
Vee is found by Amira's father one day in the fields, he chases him off against the pleading of Amira.
Scavenged the wilds until he came across the small primal village turn modern refugee camp. No one would take him in, not even the orphanages because he was a primal and no one wants that kind of hassle, even if he was a child.
Vee scavenged those cobble streets for a few weeks, getting his ear cut for getting caught stealing. One night he heard the sounds of music he never heard before in his life. Followed the sound to a pub called Red Lion and met his future caretaker, Richard McGrimes. He gets his ear cut again for the same crime.

:star:adolescence/tween(10 - 12):
Vee still lived in the streets and surround wooded area of small Sissel, getting his ears cut more for stealing. He occasionally coming back to Red Lion to sleep and eat, soon he ended up taking residence there with Richard McGrimes, who adopts him.  Richard Starts to give him home-schooling and teaches him some primal morals and about why some Modern Mobians see them inferior. He also gives him messenger duties in order to keep him from climbing all over the pub, because primal children are more uncontrollable than modern children if a modern mobian was taking care of him, but Richard whipped him once and Vee acted right and quit being disrespectful. But trouble follows Vee everywhere. He meets Erix and Jack and gets his ass kicked by them.

:star:adolescence/teen(13 - 16):
Vee gets bullied by Erix and Jack for a while until one day Vee got the upper hand, ever since then they were friends. Amira often comes to town to visit him when her father sales to Richard and the market. He meets Loud during his nigh timing funs with Amira and gains a crush on Loud and they end up dating.
Vee goes with his friends to steal some money from a store hey almost get caught, but Richard McGrimes found out. Richard didn't punish any of them, but recruits the boys into the Thieves Guild.
Vee learns the trade of the family business.

:star:Teen continued (16 - 18):
Vee became one of the most successful theif in the guild and was often the one to get the most jobs and got them done swiftly, overlooked  and most efficiently. Often bringing rare/ most sought after values
He finds out his girlfriend is a member of another Guild, The Blue Moons and her code name is Cloud9. Cross fraction relationships is illegal in the thieves' guild, but he didn't know this as he took some training and jobs by them, verifying the Blue Moon's leader  that Vee was become very successful at the business as well and he was offered to join the guild rather than continue to work for them unofficially.
At the same time during a Council meeting Richard announces he plans on retiring and will be releasing information on who will take his place. Vee expected it to be someone else, or someone older, but he was chosen.

:star:young adulthood(19 - 25):
Richard finds out and warns him to stay away from the rather than kicking him out of the Thieves guild, because he had a soft spot for him; the Council members of the Thieves guild could have him removed, turn on him and have him imprisoned. Vee gets irritable and has an argument with him about it and is disrespectful. He felt like he was too good to listen to him. Everyone in the guild hears about the tension between the two, but not the cause.
He gets a tip from Cloud about someone in the guild finding out about them. Vee hurries to a Guild gathering after hearing the news, avoiding some members. He notices hostility from his friends and others. The whole guild knows about his other businesses. Vee admits that it was wrong for him to do by going behind their backs like that.
shit hit the fan and everything gets chaotic and confusing
Vee goes to Richard's lodgings under the pub. Richard was murdered; it looks like Vee had done it. There was an explosion that shakes the pub and a fire breaks out.  Jack was the first one to confront him while Vee tries to escape and Vee blows up the hole further, burning Jack fatally in the process. Vee escapes into the trees again away from his persuaders with a high bounty on his head that he murdered Richard McGrimes with his daggers and some memebers of the guild in the explosion as well as betraying the guild.

Vee becomes a rover, travelling all over, avoiding the guild and all their contacts and the mercs sent to take him down some times he is often fighting to the death to survive. Vee comes to a large city and he meets Sped, because he stole from him but gave the medallion back and has crazy adventures with him. He disappears for months and returns to the city again with Feral, a primal he met at the docks. He sees Amira again, who came to the city for advanced-schooling. He meets Chester and Izzy Lockjaw, half primals like him.
He starts to no longer be a paranoid person anymore. Until the Völva snatches him up.
Meets Shrub and is currently trying to survive in LimboZone.

:star:Family background (Think of generational, prior to your character's existence):
Father side:  Part Primals/Modern Mobians, the MacLugh, A long line of part-primals with elemental powers of fire. (Hence Lugh, god of the sun/fire) most were crusading types and fighters.
Mother's side: Primal culture, a thylacine priestess that lives in the Lugh tribe. Not much is known about her or what tribe she original hails from.

:star:Earliest memory:
Sitting on his mother's lap staring up at a snow capped mountain and an evergreen forest.

:star:Is this memory important to them?:
Very much so. It could be his family's homeland.

:star:Do they wish to forget it?:
Sometimes he does but we wishes he could remember where that forest was.

:star:If you would like, explain the family tree behind/around your character or additional info about their bloodlines:
Vee wasn't supposed to be even born, because its against tribal ways for a part-primal to court a full blood primal. But when he was born it was too late for anyone to do anything.

:star:How is their relationship with their parents?:
Short. He doesn't remember them that well.

:star:Inner circle:
Sped, Izzy, Chester, Shrub and Feral

:star:Any truly obscure relatives?:
Yes, but their location is uncertain.

:star:Future Children:
Rorik MoCree McLugh

Vee has many rivals, but its all in good fun to him-
Uranium/Zeus the hedgehog (Doggshort2), Shrub/Arbusto the true Chimera (Wodner-waffle), Donna the hedgefox and Hannah (Donna-who) and Cadman Ruari O'Culmore

Sable the Chimerian Shadow-Creature, 4FingerJack, and Erix Baquar (so far)

:star:Use any weapons:
two flint daggers

:star:What they use those weapons for?:
stabbing, slicing, assassinations and such

:star:Bad habits:
Kleptomaniac, wary, insensitive and talkative. Pouts.

:star:Eating habits:
Loves food

:star:Sleeping habits:
He doesn't sleep often, or much anymore.

:star:What caused these sleeping habits?:
He was affected by the LZ energy  and no longer sleep.

:star:Can they honestly hold a job down?:

:star:If not, why can't they?:
He doesn't stay in one area for too long. And he doesn't have legal papers. He technically doesn't exist in the system.

:star:Are they lazy?:
Very much so

:star:Abilities (As in powers):
+Create and control fire (expert)
He is able to heat his body until it seems like he glows, reasons why sometimes he doesn't wear jackets in cold weather, but he cannot do this long periods of time. Can engulf his body in flames. He doesn't prefer to do this, but he will if he thinks he's life is in danger. Minor fire balls and streams. LZ had made him incombustible. (He can accidently tap into it by tensing up in response to fear or anger or even by snapping his fingers.)
-Because the LZ energy effected him differently from others, when he bleeds and it falls to the ground, it will flame up.
+Night vision
His night vision used to be low, but LZ fixed that right up.
-teleport (STRICTLY to LimboZone ONLY, but he doesn't know how to tap into it)
-Regenerative (super weak but provided by LZ energy)
+ Able to mimic other people's voices tones and pitch. He does it when he's being dramatic or messing around. He's done it ever sense he was young.

:star:Rate their power on a scale of 1 - 10, 10 being most powerful in the entire universe they're in:
1 equals mental/physical god like powers, 5 for psychic levels and 10 to simple/common powers.
9. Because of fire and LZ energy.

:star:Are these powers inherited generation to generation?:
He inherits it from his father, but the primal gene helps him control it ten times better than a modern mobian because many primals are elementals.

:star:Special skills(Not meaning powers):
+lock pick(can pick any lock)
+ stealth (comes naturally)
-Night vision (enhanced by LZ energy)

Travelling, drinking his mead and playing the fiddle.

:star:Can they cook?:
Cook pretty well for someone who cooks often by fire.

:star:Cook what/eating habits?:
He's an omnivore, though more carnivore at times, regularly  living off of woodland creatures, he even eats bugs. He loves butterflies and ants. He hates eating greens, and is picky about his food. He loves corn and barley soup (with beef) and sliced red apples only.

:star:First language:
"Primordial" a combination of  Gaeilge, Gàidhlig, Proto-Norse and Cymric languages.

:star:Second language:
Anglo-Mobian (English but on planet Mobius verson)

Germanic, and Spanish/Spanglish

:star:Was there an urgent need to learn additional languages?:
There is an urgent need indeed. He travels all over the world, he often picks up languages fairly easily by ear.

Homedawg the chao. Deceased/Ghost

:star:Theme Song(s):
these songs have epic violins/fiddle parts in them. Cuz you know. Vee plays a fiddle and all.
"Deeper well (live)" by Wailin Jennys
"David's jig" by Natalie MacMasters
links in descrip.
because i'm an idiot and i forgot the one thing i wanted to add waaay befor ei started writing this.
Vee's current design post-LZ
Primal information here. Wil be updated soon:
"Deeper well (live)" by Wailin Jennys: [link]
"David's jig" by Natalie MacMasters: [link]
A Three-legged Work Horse- This will Destroy you:

what i was doing rather than having him answering questions. I took a break for a moment and took a nap, woke up and did this.

possible DullLife spoilers in the bio

I used the :star: icon because i forgot how to add bullets icons.
I made my own bio file to use for my characters, there were many questions, but i only filled out what i needed for Vee.
I hate questions like "whats their fave food/drink/color". i don't think that really matters but id you have short bio to fill out its a good way to take up space.

the preview picture is a rough sketch of Vee as a baby/toddler that look really cute to me.

Yep. Vee's real name is VinAed MacLugh. :icongrossplz:

Bios are important to me. Because it helps not only your viewers but yourself become more acquainted with your character. And it is very important to exercise your creative muscles and see how far and deep you can get with their history, emotions and psychology.
I admit i jumped the gun a bit on some of these questions, many have Dull Life spoilers in them. but i went full out. what i didnt get too much into was the abilities: how Vee was able to not become harmed by the flames he plays with. I was going to go through and see how in a biological way it could be realistic, but i dint look that hard. Its true hedgehogs self-anoint ewww substances onto their bodies so why not have Vee do the same with fluids that are inflammable? Perfect. then i got all hasty and said the LZ energy makes him incombustible, so he no longer will have to self-anoint the borax oil. seems legit.
I also forgot to meantion that Vee can 'summon' and 'banish' the daggers. oh well

i try to be a little bit more realistic than others.

if something doesn't make sense to you, don't be afraid to ask!

VinAed MacLugh/Vee (c):iconbionic-hobo:
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*WARNING!* Links don't work on this kind of Profile, If I were you I'd put the links in the disruption
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gotcha thanks!
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your welcome!
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