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December 29, 2012
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:star:Full Name:
Cadman HumBahl Ruari O'Culmore

:star:Meaning of their full name:
Defender of the Cade, Well-liked giant-warrior, Red ruler of Culmore

:star:Pronunciation of their name:
KAD-man  HUM-BALL RO-ree of CULL-more

:star:What does the character think of their name?
Names are very important in their culture. They reflect what kind of person you are and should be and reveals where you come from and who are your family. Meaning and symbolism of names are very important. He is very proud of his names and his heritage.

:star:Why did their parents name them this?:
Family is warrior based so it's kind of a given.  
Mother names her children after their third birthday, a tradition in their tribe. Cadman's final name was given to him by the oldest primal clan: Barrel Cade Tribe for protecting them, since there is only six of them left; it was an honor.
Father's name and where he hails from makes up their last names.

:star:Why did you, their creator name them this?:
I just threw the name Cadman out there. Basically means "warrior", but break it down and it has different meanings. Cad means "round, like a barrel" and Cade means "a son", Cadman is also known to mean "the maker of barrels, gentle and round". As for his birth name, HumBahl, its two different names combined. The first is from the famous giant warrior named, Humbert. But he's not that famous because you guys are like, what? And Kimball,(i think means "leader") a personal favourite name. I cut it down to ball, and then pronounced to Bahl for ball. There you go. Cadman HumBahl


:star:Do they enjoy these/this nickname(s)?:
He prefers to be called by Cadman. He does not like his nicknames if he was given any.

:star:History behind nickname(s):
In Cadman's case his name he was born into was Humbahl because he was a very large child for his age, seeming to be much older than he really was. He got that from his father, who was a very large primal. When he was young he was set to look after a small clan of stout and petite, intellectual pacifist barrel-makers and tinkers, known as the Cade(pronounced KAD) who were a close an ally to the Culmore Tribe after the death of Cadman and Brynnja's mother.
The supplies of barrels shared were holding prized possessions of the tribes and necessary trade goods. Why anyone would put a young primal in that position of such responsibility is crazy, but that's his father for you. Cadman ended up making friends with the many and treated them gently and often sneaked them mead from Culmore and they would give him in return, enlightenment.
When a rival neighboring tribe attacked, (part of the same group that attacked the fields where his sister was) tried to kill the Cades, Cadman became enraged and killed the attackers. Thus, the name of Cadman was given to him, Defender of the Cade.


Full blood Primal mobian spiny red squirrel and Canadian lynx hybrid, but the lynx stands out more with him than with his sister, who built more squirrel like. He's not yet a false chimera because you can still tell what she has been mixed with nor have the chimera genes.
(Primal Mobian/chimera is not a free species. Please remember that they are owned by the Wonder-waffle, NikiNazu, MysticWarrior156 and Bionic-hobo)</b>

Sonic Comic along with my own fan based spin of it. Planet Mobius.

:star:Share about this realm(What's considered normal/average/within sanity for this realm/verse):
Walking talking animals, space ships, aliens, cloning, powers, killer robots, dragons,  four finger humans called Overlanders, hybrids that make no sense because cat chromosomes don't add up with a fox's chromosomes and shouldn't be able to reproduce. Got to biology class kids and pay attention. Wtf but hey, its fun. And they all talk. That's cool.

(Male Primals mature physically quite quickly)

:star:How old they appear:
Young adult

:star:Mental age:
High, he was mentored by the Barrel Cade Tribe, a wise old primal tribe, as well as modern schooling by a traveling part primal. He's more academically intellectual about things than his sister.

:star:Orientation/Sexual preference:

Tall, a giant compared to Primals and is estimated nearly to or at 4 foot tall.

:star:Are they overweight/underweight?:
He's healthy, with tons on muscle.

:star:Defining physical characteristics/general appearance:
Towering, brawny, orange-red hair, quills, large square head, shorter dense furry tail, bright red hair, deep  light blue eyes with dark outline like a fox or even lynx, short but strong claws, longer, thin furry ears with longer black tips, white 'eyes' on the back of his ears, hind paws, and furry.

:star:Eye color(s):
light blues with a black outline

:star:Is this eye color uncommon?:
yes, very common, the size however, is not.

:star:Are their eyes good?:
advanced eye sight

:star:Ear shape:
Long, narrow and long pointed black tips with furry insides

:star:Hearing fair?:
Superb hearing

:star:Skin/fur color(s):
When he was younger she had dark brownish-gold spots, but they faded as he aged.
deep gold to yellow, white and grey. His fur gets darker during the winter.

Fair /Light

Cuff on right ear, used to have one in his eye brow, but was worried it might get ripped off.

:star:Additional body mods:
markings given to him by his tribe.
On his forehead and face

:star:Reasons behind the mods:
Dots on face forehead are to be intimating to an enemy.

:star:Describe their smile:
Wide happy grin with happy eyes. When he smiles its real.
Other than that he seems to be serious.

:star:Describe an outfit they would/do wear:
traditional uniform of her tribe, a green plaid wrap around her waist and a pelt Hellwolf around his waist, all held up by a greyed leather belt (sometimes with engraving in the leather) with a shiny brass belt buckle of her tribe's crest, has two weapon sheathes on side and a codpiece that seems to be like a sporran though it doesn't have pockets.

:star:Personality snapshot:
Reserved, silent, dangerous, spiteful, generous, affectionate, coy, careful, courageous, respectful, highly territorial, protective, brutal, offensive, xenophobic and recognized. (doesn't like outsiders much i.e xenophobic)

:star:Most prominent personality trait:
dangerous, Silent, generous, protective, highly territorial, careful, courageous

:star:Best traits of their personality:
reserved, generous, affectionate, coy, careful, courageous, respectful, protective and recognized

:star:Worst traits of their personality:
dangerous, spiteful, coy, highly territorial, offensive, xenophobic and brutal

:star:What caused this kind of personality to form?(based upon upbringing/social whatnot):
It was the way he was raised. His parents were very strict and put much responsibility on him at an earlier age than his sister for being a son. He liked to be social with the tribe, and enjoys telling stories to some of the children and helps with the elderly. Though he deals well with stress, he became well liked in the tribe, unlike his estranged sister. In battle he's a different person, his father taught him to become malicious and cold hearted on the battle field but loyal and protective of his warriors as well as his tribe's well-being.

:star:Prized possession given to them:
bone charm and feathers.

:star:Does it has any significance?
The bone charm was a shared gift with his sister, who also has one; it has been blessed by their shaman. It keeps them grounded to this world in case a force tries to take their bodies, it would prevent the abduction or malicious dealings.
Feathers each have their own meaning (plus trivia!):
+blue jay:
Overall: means the wearers is an early riser (given a ritual with the feather as a child) and fierce warrior and a long-lasting bond mate.
Solid blue: Loquaciousness, heroic, intelligence and faithfulness, and means he knows how to heal others.
Overall:highly intelligent, omen reader, powerful memory, social
(not shown)breast feather: story teller, caring, protector and a healer.
Wing feather: Battlemaster, hero and a trickster

:star:First impression usually given:
To a Modern Mobian he is intimidating, many primals get a lot of space or even racial aggression.
He doesn't like Modern Mobians at all. He finds them extremely rude and a bunch of assholes, but he also mirrors their racism,
In a different perspective,  folks get intimidated by his towering size, and very scary and capable of squeezing your head like a lemon with one hand and they give his hair some weird looks. Also they would expect him to be older than his sister, but in reality she's much older than him.

:star:Are they logical thinkers?:
Yes. He's a deep thinker, and always thinks before he acts to save for embarrassing moments if he makes a mistake, he hates making mistakes.

:star:Right brain/left brained?:
Left brained

:star:Current faith(religion):
Polytheism is the main type of religion for Primals and some part-primals.

:star:Are they strong in it?:

:star:Why did they choose this faith?:
Born into the culture, at birth he was  subjected to a ritual with his first feather, a blue jay feather  and smoky water that makes him an early riser.

:star:What superstitions do they have?:
His bone charm is to protect him against evil spirits from touching him.
Can't sleep unless feet is to the south.

:star:Reasons why they have these odd beliefs:
from so many stories he was told as a child.

:star:Outlook on life:
Positive, there hasn't been any true tragedies in his life, besides the death of his mother. He didn't take the death of his father too hard.


:star:Personal quote and(or) motto:
"war is not nice."

:star:Marital status(Single, married, dating, etc.):

:star:Had any relationships with anyone before?
Married once. She died of natural causes; their son was killed at an early age by rival clan.

:star:What kind of romantic are they?(easily love-struck, tough nut, etc.):
Romanic type. He adores women.

:star:Are they picky when it comes to romance searching?:
Many primals do not search for romance, though many of their folk stories involve romance; however they usually die at the end and most primals only mate to pass on stronger genes.

:star:How do they respond and/or react in times of...(and why they do what they do)
ears back or attentive, bright big smile that causes his eyes to nearly close.
ears forward, wild wide eyes, open smile.
ears alert, fur rose, wide eyes and tense
ears back, with dull eyes to hide grief.
ears back, raised fur; snarling, wild eyes
Fear? LOL
:star:-Not knowing the outcome of some situation:
Ears back in annoyance, eyes alert but brooding.

:star:Current residence:
Area is in the highlands but Confidential; tribe, Culmore.

:star:Do they live at their current residence by will?:
He prefers to not interact with the modern world

:star:Backstory time. Tell about some major events that happened within these ages...
:star:Early childhood (3 - 5):
Was born into the warrior clan of Culmore and called HumBahl. He was covered in dark golden spots, and was a large baby. His sister is four years older than him but he was always taller, and they were inseparateable. His father is deemed the chieftain by the tribe elders.
Mother dies of illness.
:star:Childhood (6 - 9):
Two refugee tribes are welcome to Culmore, making the once clan tribe into a full fledge tribe, the tribe gets a new crest. A war breaks out and many that leave to fight it and many do not return. And the tribe is of record small numbers. He becomes social with tribes, trains with older males and females in the tribe.
Age 8 he is sent to the outskirts of the territory to work with/for the oldest clan, Barrel Cade Tribe. He towered over all of them, because they were a midget race. He acted as a sentry and a messenger boy as well as a supply runner. He often brought mead from his grandfather to give as a gift to Barrel Cade tribe (only six memebers in existence) and in return for his kindness they give him schooling and taught him how to embrace his natural power of healing.
Starts formal schooling by an elder from the largest primal tribe, who lived in the Modern world for some time, as well as studies with the Barrel Cade.
Her Father finds him a suitor for when he comes of age. Training continues.

:star:adolescence/tween(10 - 12):
Culmore location is moved to the lowlands because of hostile neighboring clans and they cannot fight against them without a massacre. Training goes on, excels in swordsmanship.
Still visits the Barrel Cade tribe from time to time, often bringing supplies for them in their new location in "The Mountain", which is still Culmore's territory.
Studies include managing tribe and delegations.
His father puts him in competitions, he loves it and eats up the attention and praise, and gains face markings before his sister.

:star:adolescence/teen(13 - 16):
Age 13, he is taken by his father to join him and the warriors on a battle between a rival clan.
Becomes well respected with other neighboring ally clans, kills his first Ollphéist, and wears part of its pelt on his waist.
While visiting the Barrel Cade Tribe, they are attacked; he goes into a rage and slaughters the attackers. Gained his new name by them, as Cadman.
It is his first battle, Father is impressed, and however by the last battle his father dies in a battle; he survives and takes up his status position as chieftain under the guidance of their grandfather who becomes their caretaker.
Coming of age ritual age 16.
He worried about his sister and her suitors, she will not accept any of them, and he doesn't like any of them anyways. She talks about leaving, this distresses him, but he doesn't try to stop her. His sister kills a suitor and leaves the tribe in self-exile. He is left to manage Culmore alone with his grandfather.

:star:Teen continued (16 - 18):
Manages the tribe, protects them from outside attacks, expands borders, new trades and tribe members.
Marries an outsider from one of the clans he took control of and has a son.
Grandfather starts to lose his mind and rambles on, he take his grandfather to live with the Barrel Cade. The agree to help him ease the illness.
Wife dies of natural causes. Cadman doesn't re-marry and is left to take care of his son alone, as his father had done in the past.
Grandfather goes blind, but is sane again. Culmore expands then is hid by a large resistance, Culmore is almost over run, and his son is killed. They manage to fight off the tribe, killing their chieftain and eating out his heart (as goes tradition).

:star:young adulthood(19 - 25):
Reclames old family lands in the highlands.
Barrel Cad close themselves into "The Mountain" leaving Cadman with a warning he keeps to himself.

His sister returns to the clan with open arms, although she has brought an outsider. Cadman did not like him at first because he was an idiot, but offers to tolerate him for her sake and aids in his re-education. But really he knows his sister brought him to keep Cadman from finding out what she is looking for in the woods.

:star:Family background (Think of generational, prior to your character's existence):
The Ruari are a line of barbaric warrior Primals that settled the highlands before the robotic wars. Constant fighting and raiding took toll on them, some branched out but all were hunted down. A hand full left decided to integrate into neighboring tribes, eventually taking over them; they gave up on conquering tribes and decided to farm barley grains.
Recent controlled settlement called, Culmore was ruled by their grandfather, then their father took over after battling his own father for the position, but he was going blind anyways. Some say it wasn't a fair fight. Their father also took over a brother-tribe, Ruari O'Ullpine on his quest for power, the tribe joined Culmore, and however their crest was long forgotten. When his father died, he takes up a chieftain role while their grandfather is actual superior Monarch figure but once he went blind Cadman took over as main chieftain.

Aibhilin Bealynne O'Culmore-Mother
Kormak Cru Ruari - Father

:star:How did their parents meet?:
Kormak's father took over the Culmore tribe.

:star:How is their relationship with their parents?:
strict when they were alive. However they are dead now.

Beag Brynnja Ruari O'Culmore

:star:Inner circle:
Barrel Cade, Brynnja, Grandfather Ruari
He doesn't trust Modern Mobians well, nor half-primals, but he says Chester is an alright guy, little weird, but okay.

Naimh Keelin

Son: Ibsen RenRio Ruari O'Culmore (deceased at age 5)
He wishes to have more children in the future, but he hasn't found a mate.

:star:Extended relatives:
Clan: Ruari O'Ullpine, Ruari O'Kingly
Grandfather (blind) Blif Ruari O'Culmore

:star:What education level do they have right now?:
High for a primal Mobian


:star:Is this occupation something passed through their family's generations?:
His father and his father's father was Chieftain. His mother was a council woman. However there is a rumor she also has control over the tribe, influence through family. As goes the rumor of Blif influencing Cadman. But really the old primal is too busy sleeping.

:star:Why they picked this occupation:

:star:Use any weapons:
Two swords, kind curved with runes, "Tyr".

:star:What they use those weapons for?:

:star:Bad habits:
Brooding, stubborn and prideful

:star:Eating habits:
Strictly carnivore

Healing abilities on others, although it does not work on himself.
Talk to the dead.
Super strength

:star:Rate their power on a scale of 1 - 10, 10 being most powerful in the entire universe they're in:
1 equals mental/physical god like powers, 5 for psychic levels and 10 to simple/common powers.
7-9 for healing and strength

:star:Are these powers inherited generation to generation?:
Not sure, most of the Ruari Clan is known to have super strength, he may have gotten his ability to heal from his mother but it is uncertain for there wasn't much of anyone left who knew her mother's linage. He learned the ability to talk to the dead from the Barrel Cade

Socializing with the tribe, exercising his powers and swordsmanship.

:star:Can they cook?:
He doesn't cook.

:star:Cook what/eating habits?:
Mostly meats, however he can eat barley.

:star:First language:
"Primordial" a combination of  Gaeilge, Gàidhlig, Proto-Norse and Cymric languages varying in dialects.

:star:Second language:
Anglo-Mobian (English but on planet Mobius version)

Their mother had a chao. The cutest chao ever.
He ate it.

:star:Theme Song(s):
Speech –Harald Kloser &Thomas Wander
(I cant find the right song)
Cadman bio.
Slightly rushed.
Somehow i always give my good guys bad, depression and sometimes unlucky backgrounds of their childhood and such, while my bad guys have slightly better backgrounds LOL

i took some of what you guys said about your first impression of Cadman into this bio. SO thanks guys! :D

older Sister:
Full Pic:
Old Primal information (needs updating):
Of Primal speciesNOT A FREE CHARACTER DESIGN I'm going to upload this into a file in my gallery after i post this: I love questions. Please respect, none of, "omg i want a primal tooooooo" thats nice, but damnit its an original concept not every ones. the reason the folks who i mention characters qualify is because of coincidence and we had already talked about it long before. you saying you want a primal without further notice is similar to stealing our character design, and i would only allow folks i know to share with because i know they aren't going to abuse the guidelines that make their character a primal/mix/hybrid primal I'm sorry to sound rude, but come on guys, how else is someone going to listen? I'm sure you bunch are content with your modern characters C: Anyways: Based off the sonic-comic universe: Mine: Primals.   Creatures' info: Rough draft (info just thrown together or not in order, etc.) After the Xorda(alien) attack on Earth over 12,000 years ago-

Just posting something to know that i am sort of kinda but probably not really, really really really okay LOLLOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLO

/pity sob.

Anyways heres CADMAAAAN~~ my batch-lllar. Next will be an updated bio of JACK or maybe Amira? i shall make a poll. i think Jack's gonna win though
Shared Primal concept(c):iconbionic-hobo: :iconnikinazu: :iconwonder-waffle: :iconmysticwarrior156:
Character, tribes and art(c):iconbionic-hobo:

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Doggshort2 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Student General Artist
Okay that got out of the way, amazing that i know Cadman....but i'm worried's why:
1. Cadman's a xenophobic, and my characters are in a different part of the world (not Mobian, but made my one up)
2. I don't know if Mak is taller than Cadman...that would be a big worry for me (not because of height lol)
bionic-hobo Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
okay lets answer:
1. Hes slightly racist to Mobians that are not primal. He's even racist to the False/true Chimeras left in the world. but thats because he was raised by a narrow minded father who was power-hungry (but still loved his kids and tribe) Modern Mobians make him all agro because Modern mobians make gestures and use certain tones of their voice (like sarcasm and a wave of a hand) is read too deeply by Primals and they get offended or shocked. Since Primals still use a lot of hand, ear, eye and body language to communicate than just words. For example, they do not have many Primordial words for certain things that modern Mobains do. like technology. SO its just him being oversensitive and bigoted.
2: I dont remember how tall Mak is, but Cadman is perhaps taller than Jack or same height. And Jack is tall for a modern Mobian, nearly over 4 feet, a common Overlander height (then Humans at 5) so who knows lol
Doggshort2 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Student General Artist
Oh just asking...because i thought of a name that would put my characters in place, i call my character's race 'Tareeians' (pronounce; TAR-REE-AN)

And for possibility is that he...might be tall up to Cadman's top chest...because maybe Mak is such a tall giant too...i was thinking of comparing their height
bionic-hobo Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
lol wow Cadman is a giant lol
Doggshort2 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Student General Artist
I know
But at least there are other guys that are nearly the same height as him, just can't get to him...
bionic-hobo Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wonder-Waffle Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Well I certainly learn new things XD especially how he's more social then his sister, and that he's younger(yet taller, welcome to my world Cadman)
Oh and the part where he had a kid that died, the feels

Also the "sister bringing in a idiot" part tis funny XD
bionic-hobo Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
lol so much infromation here i know right XD lol dear Chester
MysticWarrior156 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
Yesss another character I can stalk-I mean admire c:

I still love how you make everything so detailed and just plain out amazing!

He sounds like a giant..I'm scared lol
bionic-hobo Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
yesss. and thank you!
lol hes the social one of the family, he may look like a brute, but hes actually really lovable and adores children. Feral is the one who isnt social XD
Hes possibly taller than Jack.
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